Can I test your proxy , do you offer refunds?

Yes we do provide trial period for 2 days, for that you need to signup for the smallest package across all packages that include rotating , dedicated , shared proxy packages. You still would need to subscribe it through paypal, Although payment can always be refunded after the 2 day trial period end. Also we would require some data and information to process your refund that will be verified with our tech team. We do have some refund conditions you can check from here.

Refund Conditions:

1 ) Please note if you are using our super dedicated proxies for nike purposes and get ban , you will be entitled for replacement only in the next billing cycle, as all of your nike proxies are checked beforehand. All sales for this category will be final and no refund is granted. It is your responsibility to use the proxies in right manner.

2) The above refund policy shall only be valid with our smallest dedicated , rotating or shared proxy packages within 2 days trial period. So it is advised to use small packages if customer is seeking to test the proxies, you can always upgrade later or try the trial packages if there are any available for specific products.If you have already tested the smallest packages and then adding the higher amount packages and then contesting dispute/cancellation then it will be invalid and refunds will be not be granted according to our abuse and TOC policy which all customers adhere at time of signing up with package.

3) No refunds are granted for super dedicated packages i.e for nike and ticketmaster type of sites. In this case all sales are final. If you want to test these type of proxies then a support ticket should be raised so that we can setup a short 1 hour trial for it.

4) No refunds are granted for rotating proxy packages if the use case is related to sneaker botting or copping.


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